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Tkon and Pašman island

The currents around the island of Pašman make the sea there the cleanest in the Adriatic, and the ecologically preserved scenery with numerous sandy and gravel beaches is the right choice for those who like a holiday away from city hustle and bustle.

With an area of 63 km2 it belongs to the Zadar island group, and it was formed by dividing the islands of Ugljan and Pašman with the strait Ždrelac (in year 1883) where there is a bridge now connecting them. It is connected to the mainland by ferry lines to Biograd and Zadar.

The town of Tkon is a typical fishing town and a port on Pašman with around 850 inhabitants. It is sometimes called „the Kornati gate“. The principal activity of the population here used to be harvesting the Noah’s ark shell (Croatian: kunjka) out of the Pašman Channel and this is where the town’s name originates.

At the northern side of the island of Pašman all the beaches are sandy. In the length of 3 kilometers from the town of Ugrinić, through Tkon and southwards, there are seven sandy bays which are a popular tourist destination for visitors from Biograd who come daily by ferry to swim and dive here.

The sandy coast of the Sovinje Camp found just outside of Tkon is a natural phenomenon because of the constant sedimentation of sand from the rocks and it is definitely worth a visit since this phenomenon can only be found in few places in the Adriatic (the most famous place is the island of Susak).



Dozens of islands are scattered in the Pašman Channel which is only 2 kilometers wide in some parts, and this area is ideal for all kinds of water sports, sailing and diving. There are several diving centers, as well as a sailing and surfing school for an unforgettable active fun.

Diving is one of the sports that enables you to discover the wonderful world of underwater animals. The coast of the island of Pašman is a true paradise for divers and anyone who wants to learn how to dive. Besides the locations of sunken ships, divers have at their disposal a number of interesting diving locations close to the Kornati Islands.

On Pašman you can rent a boat or a sailboat, jet ski, scooter or mountain bike for rides in the beautiful Pašman scenery. For those of a more adventurous spirit and in good shape, trekking and running on limestone pavements, sharp coast rocks, is organized.

The island of Pašman is the ideal tourist destination for lovers of cycling and nature. Hilly but sandy interior is crisscrossed with more than 80 kilometers of walking and cycling trails. They can also be found at the top of the island in the intact nature where you can enjoy in the beautiful view of the coast, sea and Kornati archipelago.